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Mobility Models for NS-2

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Mobility scenario generation & analysis tool

Bonnmotion is a Java Software developed by the Communication Systems Group at the Institute of Computer Science 4 of the University of Bonn, Germany. This tool creates and analyses mobility scenarios.

The scenarios generated by Bonnmotion can also be exported for network simulator - 2 (ns-2), glomosim/qualnet, cooja and mixim.

Following mobility models are supported by Bonnmotion:

1. Random-Waypoint Model
2. Gauss-Markov Model
3. Manhattan Grid Model
4. Reference Point Group Mobility Model
5. Disaster Area Model

Download latest verison - Bonnmotion v1.4

For more information on Bonnmotion such as documentation, FAQs, Feedback and updates, please visit the official webpage of Bonnmotion on the link given below:

Kindly Note: The material provided above is taken from the same official webpage of Bonnmotion.

Hope it helps.

Mohit P. Tahiliani

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hello sir,
i want the movements of the node within (27,18) of simulation area. Using Bonnmotion, if i specify x and y limit, the movements file generated contains destination exceeding the specified (x,y) limit. is there any alternative to define movements of node within particular (x,y) of simulation area.

@Vani - You can manually fix it in TCL Script. However, it is a very tedious process since you need to modify every node's position.

Hope it helps.

Mohit P. Tahiliani

hello sir,

i want information on "how to compare two protocols (AODV and DSR). How to modify the files "cnrgen" and "setdest" for these two protocols to produce trace files and also which file is used to specify the simulation parameters." pls guide me through a procedure.
thanks and regards,

Sir, I want to change the mobility model in my adhoc.tcl file,how can i do it? Sir when you taught us ns2 at that time you directly use e2edelay.awk,pdf.awk, so plz tell me how can we generate that awk file for comarision of other parameters?plz reply:

Hello Sir,

I have some queries regarding NS2, such as

How to make a particular node drop packets.?

Can a wired link made in wireless scenario.?

Sir i am sending data from one node to another node using encryption technique , can i able to decrypt the data at receiver node using NS2....

Sir i have run the mobile ip patch in ns2. by using the awk file for throughput which is on your blog throughput is giving strange results as it increases with increase in the speed of mobile node. I also want to calculate handover latency by awk file.Plz help me.


Hello sir,
I am doing my master's project in project is to analysis and comparison of aodv,dsr and dsdv over different mobility models. Could you plz provide me tcl and awk scripts for the same as mentioned above.


hello mohit sir

sir i want to understand c++ coding of all routing protocol..can u please give me some link..from which i can take help....