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Adding Multiple Interface Support in NS-2

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The document named "Adding multiple interface support in NS-2" prepared by Ramon Aguero Calvo and Jesus Perez Campo, University of Cantabria helps to incorporate multiple channel support to the core of the ns-2 simulator.

After following the instructions provided in the document I was able to implement multi-channel multi-interface support in ns-2.33.

Hence I have designed a patch depending on the above mentioned document that incorporates multi-channel multi-interface support in ns-2.33.


If you encounter any problem with above link please follow the link given below:

Sample tcl scripts for the same will be uploaded soon.

Hope it helps.

Mohit P. Tahiliani

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Comments (10)

Really helpful... ;)

hi there
i am doing analysis on QoS for MANETs for which I require to analyse lot of trace files with different scenarios. So please send me the trace files that you have obtained to nani1only[at]gmail[dot]com

hi, have u implemented multiple interfaces in OLSR. Please mail me the patch to

@Arun - We have not yet modified OLSR to support Multiple Interfaces.

Mohit P. Tahiliani

Sory Sir am just want to ask if this patch can be used to create a node with two interface one for UMTS network and one for IEEE802.11 technology.

thanks Sir.

@Project Management in IT - No, this patch cannot be used for that kind of a scenario. This patch provides multiple interface support only for 802.11!

For a scenario which you have described, use Media Independent Handover (MIH) patch by NIST.

Hope it helps.

Mohit P. Tahiliani

Thanks for your reply sir.
I have another question how about nsmiracle can do that kind of scenario?? and please if you have or know any link which i can get the ns2 code implement that kind of scenario pls send share with email is


hi sir,
i used nsmiracle and i need a good documentation on it
can you recommended to me a good documentation about nsmiracle if you know ??


Hello Mohit Sir,

I am from NEPAL and am doing my master's thesis on "Multi-Constrained QoS Path Selection for Real Time Video Streaming in MANET". Sir I am using ns2.28 the protocol being OLSR. I am a bit confused in what at least two MCP i should take such that the result should prove to be good and sir another thing is where should i write the MCP code or in the tcl file and how should it be written to get the right result?


sir if you could also provide some guidelines on how I should go ahead cause i am also very new to NS.
Thank you