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Useful References for Ant Colony Optimization in NS-2

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Some of the useful references related to Ant Colony Optimization in NS-2 for Wired networks, Mobile Ad hoc Networks and Wireless sensor networks are given below:      (Mobile ANT Agents)   (Nice Website, quite informative!!!)    (Antsense: ACO in Wireless Sensor Networks)

Hope it helps.


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Sir can you please send the anthocnet coding for simulation in NS2(code for adding the anthocnet agent to ns2)

@Pavithra - The patch for AntHocNet was earlier available on the following link:

However, it has been removed from there recently. Please check that link regularly for new updates.

Hope it helps.

Mohit P. Tahiliani

hello sir
i installed swarm patch on ns-2.30.Could u plz tell me how swarm script run on ns-2.30.Plz tell me basic steps to run ant script on ns-2

Thanks in advance

@Anu - To execute a TCL script give the following command

ns filename.tcl

Before that make sure you go in the directory via terminal where the filename.tcl is saved. e.g. if your filename.tcl is on Desktop, you need to go to Desktop via terminal and then give the above mentioned command.

Sample scripts will be available in ns-allinone-2.30/ns-2.30/tcl/ex directory. Since you have already installed the patch, TCL scripts related to Swarm will also be available in ns-2.30 directory.

Hope it helps.

Mohit P. Tahiliani

Hi Mohit!
I want to extract RSSI value to set up certain threshold value for wireless scenario. Can you guide me that how RSSI value can be retrieved for a transmission...

Thanks in Advance

sir,i downloaded ACO patch from the second link given above. it is in tar.gz form and not a .patch file. how can i add it to ns2??

@Sneha - The Manual on the following link explains how to install antnet source code which you have downloaded:

Hope it helps.

Mohit P. Tahiliani

sir, i have downloaded the source code of anthocnet source code from
can u pls tell me how to simulate it and get trace files of this protocol in ns2.

sir, i have download pls give README file or pls send link
thanks sir
sir very urgent pls sir

hi mohit
will u plz explain last braket in this entry
s 0.014213736 _2_ MAC --- 5 AEODV 106 [0 ffffffff 2 800] [energy 89.999746 ei 0.000 es 0.000 et 0.000 er 0.000] ------- [2:255 -1:255 32 0] [1 0 [RERR 2 0 0]]

hello sir, how to patch the ACO algorithm in source code, what we do it