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Automated Post Processing (APP) Tool for ns-2 trace files

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Automated Post Processing (APP) Tool has been designed and developed by Wireless Information Networking Group (WiNG) at NITK, Surathkal with an aim to help the ns-2 users in processing the trace files and plotting graphs. 

Although several such tools already exist, APP has been designed with a few unique features that are distinct from other tools:

1. APP Tool does not require installation! Just download the APP folder and run the tool.

2. APP Tool helps you to obtain values / graphs for at least 20 parameters!

3. APP Tool uses AWK Scripts in the back end!

4. APP Tool's source code is free and flexible! i.e., you can also add your own AWK Script in APP Tool and use it for plotting a graph.

5. Front end of APP Tool is designed in Python! You can customize it as per your requirements.

6. You need only two packages installed on your machine to run APP Tool: python-gi and python-matplotlib.

A total of 20 AWK Scripts are provided in the APP Tool, one for each of the parameter shown in the image below:

[Click to enlarge the image]

Note: You may have to modify some of the AWK Scripts to meet your requirements. As mentioned before, you can also add your own AWK Script to APP with ease, in case you want to analyze a different parameter. Moreover, not every parameter among the 20 mentioned above need graphs. Hence, APP plots graphs only for the parameter for which graphs are required. 

Instructions on "How to run APP Tool" have been provided in the Readme file available on the download link given above.

APP Tool has been dual licensed under the MIT or GPL v3 Licenses. Contributors to this project: Sayan Paul, Jay Priyadarshi, Sasank Channapradaga, Spriha Awinpushpam and Mohit P. Tahiliani

Kindly Note: Please report to us in case you find any errors while working with the APP Tool. You can write to us at or place a comment in this post itself.

Hope it helps.

Mohit P. Tahiliani

Comments (11)

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i dont get python-gi when install it in linux
the message is couldn't find package python-gi
please help and send mu link to down load this package

Any program available for implementing monte carlo simulation ? I need to run the same program 100 times and plot the graph accordingly. Kindly help.

Sir, I want to change the CW i.e., I want to make it adaptable to traffic. How can change CW? and how can increase or decrease the network traffic using tcl script?

Sir, I have a problem with installing APP tool. It asks the gi registry. I couldn't find it.Kindly provide the solution.

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This tool to develop for the new trace file?